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New startup

Hiring an agency is not a simple task, it takes time and should include a thorough recruiting and interview process!  A good agency can provide expertise and resources that are not available within an organization.  If you are a new business, keep in mind that what you're looking for in an agency is the correct fit. 


KLM Marketing & Advertising, LLC is made up of talented people with fresh ideas.  We have a true understanding of our client's business and can show you or help you figure out how to grow and brand your buisness in the most cost effective manner.

Change is good

I dont need an agency! 

I can't afford an agency!

I work well with my current agency! 

It's easy to get bogged down in work and lose sight of your advertising goals. Take a step back and get a fresh perspective.


The future is coming, be prepared!


Numerous trends affect today’s business strategies.


Clearly the Internet, mobile, interactive and social media platforms continue to change the way we make our business decisions. Your future will be defined by the decisions you make today!

Don't Miss Out

Don't let your message go unheard! We research your niche market and convert your ideas into effective advertising. Since its founding, KLM Marketing & Advertising, LLC has been developing award-winning advertising strategies in the areas of corporate identity, corporate design, print media, multimedia, TV, radio and social media. We have made it our mission to consistently develop innovative brands and help you execute them with cost-effective media campaigns.


KLM Marketing & Advertising, LLC provides:

  • Creative marketing solutions across all media
  • Expert management of all your marketing activities
  • A creative and flexible team
  • Enduring and award-winning campaigns

The future is with us

At KLM Marketing & Advertising, LLC you’ll see forward-thinking professionals providing tomorrow's solutions today! Send us a letter, email or give us a call. We welcome the opportunity to spend a few minutes on the phone with you. You'll get an immediate sense of the chemistry and intrest we share!

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