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For more than a decade, our innovative marketing solutions have achieved dynamic results and delivered an unprecedented return on investment for our clients. Are you ready to discuss your individual advertising strategy with us?  Scheduling an appointment with us is easy. Call 502 384-5341 or use our contact form.


Don't allow your brand to get lost among the 3,000-plus daily advertising messages bombarding today's consumer. Our cutting edge unique creativity will address individual needs and drive traffic-building brand awareness, placing your company's identity in the spotlight.


Offering a unique blend of advertising and technical design talent, KLM Marketing & Advertising, LLC turns creative ideas into successful campaigns that reach your target audience.



What We Offer

Our services aren't limited to the creation of newspaper ads or TV spots. We have an extensive portfolio of successful interactive media campaigns. Whatever your chosen media, we bring flexibility and vigor to your tailor-made advertising package.



We Stand Out

We are committed to keeping your promotional costs down while building your brand or franchise. We generate business and savings for our clients, all while reducing costs and increasing their bottom line!


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