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A brand is not technically a product or service (although in common usage we may use the word in that manner). From a marketing point of view, a brand is a promise, the basis for a relationship between the consumer and the product or service. The foundation of that relationship is the consumer's set of expectations for the product or service. As marketers, we impact that relationship through the process called branding. We reinforce core expectations or nudge them in one direction or another. The best branding is consistent across media, and speaks truthfully in a way that reinforces the brand relationship with every execution.


We believe that branding is at the root of all successful communications efforts. With an increasing and often confusing array of competitive choices available to consumers and businesses, the credibility conveyed by a brand name becomes more critical.


We create:

Flash animation

Search engine optimization (SEO)
Online advertising / Pay-per-click
Email blasts (including dynamic assembly)
Website hosting
Tracking and analysis

Influence the media when the media is public

Public Relations has changed....

With the advent of social media, consumers have become an integral part of the media mix, chatting up products, or "dissing" them on social platforms. Friends, acquaintances and strangers all now talk and share ideas and experiences.


We organize:

Press conferences

Press releases

Tradeshow presentations




Media / Analyst relations

Blogs / Vlogs

Social networking

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KLM Marketing & Advertising, LLC's Public Relation specialists are trained to bring fresh, creative thinking to these new social platforms, as well as the more traditional forms of Public Relations. We help our business to business clients position their products and services to technical, highly specialized audience segments that influence a purchase. We help our consumer brand clients maintain a positive brand image in a sea of culture, trend and opinion. For either sector, we will build and implement an effective Public Relations strategy that covers you from every angle. Scheduling an appointment with us is easy. Call 502 384-5341 or use our contact form.

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