Representing clients in small, medium, and top 20 markets

KLM Marketing & Advertising, LLC is a marketing, advertising and consulting firm that represents single dealers, multi-point dealers, dealer groups, dealer associations, blue-chip companies and industry leaders!


KLM Marketing & Advertising, LLC reaches beyond traditional strategies using your specific strengths to target not only a greater number of people, but the most likely consumer of your product. We have the tools, experience, and creativity to set your dealership apart from the competition, placing you into a category all your own!

More than just an advertising agency

We do advertising. But we’re not an advertising agency. What we really do is work that gets noticed, starts a conversation, changes perceptions, generates traffic, moves the needle, adds to the bottom line or creates a buzz. We can do it in any number of ways, including print, broadcast, radio, direct mail, web, digital, social marketing and more. The bottom line is that in whatever we do, the idea is king. The idea must engage and connect with your customer on an emotional level. It must prompt action, whether it be a sale, an inquiry, a trip to your web site, an e-mail, or a mention to a friend. The idea must be clear, communicate a value, be reflective of the brand, and most importantly, be unique and one of a kind. When all of these things come together, a cynical consumer becomes a brand advocate. Are you ready to discuss your individual advertising strategy with us?  Scheduling an appointment with us is easy. Call 502 384-5341 or use our contact form.

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